It’s good to be back!

Back in my favourite place for a couple of days :D luckily I brought my laptop so I can continue to blog - staying committed! I’ve never actually done a written blog that often so this is new!

I love being back here :D but it’s so weird! I normally come in the summer for like 2 weeks when it’s sunny and hot, where as now I’m back for 2 nights and it’s freezing! (Yeah, yeah I know, what do you expect for the British January!) It’s so scary as well! Like I say I’m usually here in summer so it normally stays sunny until like gone nine at night and it’s now quarter past 6 and it’s pitch black! I’m not even joking! Insane! Doesn’t help that the wind is howling outside! Seriously scary :( But still I love it! I’m all wrapped up inside :D 

2 days or not, I’m so glad I’m back :D ugh I have to go to school next week! No way :(